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Sep 30, 2015

From the Author

Well everyone, today is the day I'll finally putting a close to Final Arcanum. I've thought very long and hard about this, but especially with Acacitli's story completed and a few extra stories, it's time I start moving on to other things!

Final Arcanum is a project I started six years ago in college. While Acacitli was going on his journey to find where he belonged and growing as an individual, I did a lot of learning and growing with this comic myself. I can't even begin to describe all the great things I've learned in this process or the absolutely amazing people I've met while working on this project, and that's why this story has been so incredibly precious to me.

So much of myself has been put into this world and these characters, and that's why I am so incredibly thankful to each and everyone who has been with me along this journey. Thank you to everyone who checks back every week, ever left a comment, or said hello to me at a convention. Thank you both to those who has been with me since the very beginning and those who picked up this comic only yesterday. Thank you to each and every one of you who has ever passed this comic along to a friend, drew something, wrote something, cosplayed something, and shown love for this project. I can't even begin to describe how touched I've ever been and how much that means to me. Every single person involved in this project in any way has been so absolutely important to me.

Even with all that said though, Final Arcanum isn't over! Well, at least the story for these characters isn't-- I mentioned when the core story concluded that I'm planning a sequel! One of the reasons I'm going to stop updating is so I can put more time and effort into actually creating that, since I want the sequel, Aphelion, to be that much bigger than better than the project I did before! While there won't be updates every week for awhile, I am by no means am I ending the story here!

I also still absolutely plan on printing Volume 2 somewhere down the line. I'm not quite sure when, but hopefully within the next year or two!

If you want to follow updates for Aphelion, make sure you follow the twitter and blog! I plan on posting concept work as I go, and keeping you guys updated!

If you want to follow more of my work in general, since I do plan on doing some smaller projects in between now and the release of Aphelion, follow my personal twitter and tumblr.

Thank you all again for such an amazing journey, and I hope you stick with me for even more adventures and fun in the future!!
- Steph

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