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Age: 47 Equiv to 19 yrs
Gender: Agender
Height: 5’3”
Race: Anubis
Birthplace: Dreda
Birthday: 39 Harvest, 1351 Equiv to Oct 30th
Zodiac Sign: Crow

Favorite Food: Spicy Food & Curry
Occupation: Pirate
Affiliation: The Eurydice
Hobby: Art & Illustration
Theme: “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine

Alu never quite fit into Anubis society. Ze constantly found zirself struggling with the stuffy rules and culture, which often landed zir in trouble with the authorities. Alu eventually abandoned the Capitol to travel the world, where ze met Captain Clint and joined the Eurydice.

Alu’s first few months on the ship were very turbulent, especially when ze did not get along with zir newly assigned scouting partner, Tyler. After a key mission, though, Alu had a change of heart and opinion about Tyler, and the two became unequivocally close. To this day, they’ve been completely inseparable.

» First Appearance in Part IV. En Passant, Page 23