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Age: n/a
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9” (Temporary)
Race: Human (Temporary)
Theme: “The Hound of Blood and Rank” by Coheed and Cambria

Iirer is the youngest of the six gods who created and rule this world. He holds dominion over destruction and the Ending of All Things. Multiple times throughout history he tried to end the world, only to be foiled time and time again. He began first by trying to burn the world, and then a second time by flooding it. During the Second Ending, the other five gods lifted the land and the people into the sky to protect them from Iirer’s destruction. When all was safe again, Iirer was locked away in their Sacred Land in hopes he would never again escape to cause more damage to the world.

But fortunately for him, the Imperial Army chose to invade the Sacred Land, known more commonly as Camala, where several troops got lost in the jungle. One lone soldier, Iver Tashnir, stumbled across Iirer’s prison, where he was offered a deal. Iirer offered Iver the power to take his own freedom and make his own life, in exchange for helping Iirer gather five special amulets.

When Iver accepted Iirer’s offer, Iirer joined with Iver, waiting until he had the power to not only live in his own body again, but to return to his former glory...

» First Appearance in Part IV. En Passant, Page 18