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Tyler Anselm


Age: 22
Gender: Transmale
Height: 6’2”
Race: Human
Birthplace: Haweitha
Birthday: 8 Harvest, 1376 Equiv to Sept 29th
Zodiac Sign: Horse

Favorite Food: Roast Pork
Occupation: Pirate
Affiliation: The Eurydice
Hobby: Musician (Guitarist)
Theme: “Even” by Dispatch

Tyler always lived the life of a pirate, whether that was what he wanted at first or not. He was born to a wealthy woman who had a brief but extravagant affair with a pirate captain who preyed on eastern coastal villages in Haweitha. The secret of his father was kept hidden for many years until the captain returned, violently tearing apart the village in search of his lost love and bastard child. With the help of his mother and a young thieves' guild girl, Tyler was able to escape unnoticed. What happened in that village is a mystery to Tyler to this day.

After months of aimless wandering, Tyler met Captain Clint, who welcomed him onto the ship, despite Tyler’s apprehension, and gave him a home and shelter. It wasn’t for several more years that Tyler met Alu, but since then, he has never felt more like he belonged.

» First Appearance in Part IV. En Passant, Page 24