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Real Name: Mark Setter
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11”
Race: Human
Birthplace: Haweitha
Birthday: 29 Ice, 1373 Equiv to March 4th
Zodiac Sign: Owl

Favorite Food: Steak (preferably cooked rare)
Occupation: Pirate & Defected Solider
Affiliation: The Euyridice
Hobby: Doesn't have any, spends his free time snoozing
Theme: “Ugly” by The Exies
“Night of the Hunter” by Thirty Seconds to

Zero grew up in what is currently the Imperial colony Haweitha with his closest friend, Vale. However, in 1387, the Kheman Empire invaded, separating the two and impressing Zero into the army. There he trained hard and was quickly promoted to Captain of a small, elite squad. During his time as Captain he met and befriended Iver, though their relationship became rocky after the Camalan Invasion in 1393.

He deserted a year ago and joined Captain Clint's crew on the Eurydice as a gun-for-hire. He quickly changed his name, both hiding his identity and to put his past behind him, and became quick friends with Kite and Acacitli.

» First Appearance in Part II. Siren’s Call, Page 8