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I should really have a character in this comic with gloves that -aren't- black. Maaaaybe.

From the Author

ZING. Again, I apologize for the skipped week guys, but FA's BACK AND REERIN' TO GO.

And you know what's also ready to go? THIS GUY. I'm leaving tomorrow for Katsucon in Washington DC. If you're around, stop by and say hello! I can't describe how much it warms my heart to meet people who the table in Artist Alley to see either Shazzbaa or myself! Unfortunately I won't be around until Friday evening (probably after dinner time!) or after 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday due to photoshoots. Hope to see some of you there!

And last but not least, Vote in Top Webcomics to see not only the prints of Part II. Castles but new Final Arcanum goodies that will be at Katsucon as well!

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