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I really enjoy replacing the text in this page with silly things. Just sayin'.

From the Author

Hey all! I'm back from Katsucon and I must say I had such a brilliant time, especially seeing old friends and making some new ones. (I'm cheesy, it's true.) At some point I'll get my lazy butt to blog about the experiences I have, I promise! But for now I hope everyone can deal with my "IT WAS PRETTY COOL REALLY". 'Cause it's true.

The next con Final Arcanum will actually be is Otakon in late July. However I will be running around as a photographer at Anime Next and most likely San Diego Comicon, so flag me down if you ever want to find me!

And lastly, heeeeyooo vote in Top Webcomics to see the cheapest of cheap vote incentives this week. I think I'll subtitle this piece -- "I am the most uninteresting of people this week."

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