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The Stewardess is so cute. I wish she was around for more than two pages. Maybe she'll reappear later!

From the Author

DARE YOU DEFY THE MEDIOCRE-NESS OF THIS PAGE? I promise I will sleep more to draw better next week. Promise promise! Until then enjoy Iver's sass. That still came out nice. Is very nice.

Also I wanted to say-- thank for those who live art crit and whatnot in the comments (or even just comments in general, you guys always warm my heart.) While I don't currently have the time to comment, I do take all your words into consideration, and plan on applying them either in the revisions of the page critiqued, or similar objects/troublespots in pages in the future! I really appreciate your thoughts!

And if anyone's curious, you can vote in top webcomics to see that animation model I may or may not have mentioned that I've been working on all semester and have to texture, rig, and animate in... four weeks. Heh heh, good tiiiimes.

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