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IV. En Passant - 1

May 11, 2011
I used a lot of reference from Assisi, Italy! It is a beautiful town. Everyone should go.

From the Author

WHUP I'M BACK. And chapter 4 already, this is crazy! It took forever to name and no one will understand until the end, or at all (like all my titles since I'm stupidvague) but that's okay!

All I will say is I'm super excited for this chapter, and extra happy that this page came out as well as it did! Hopefully I will keep this up and not be lazy! It is the summer after all!

Also, don't forget to Vote in Top Webcomics to see a textless version of this page since the dialogue covered up some of the detail I'm happy with. And if you voted anytime on Tuesday or Wednesday like a really really really awesome person, this was a preview! (I have been out of town and had to upload everything early. <3)

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