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IV. En Passant - 2

May 18, 2011
Yeah, Zero. It's a great idea to mumble about how they'd love to throw you in jail where everyone can here you.

From the Author

Not much to say this week except yay new character! I'm excited c: (and possibly excited that hopefully I won't have to draw rain and general wetness soon. That didn't take long to be tired with durp.)

Instead, this week, the Vote incentive for Top Webcomics is a thing I found on tumblr and laugh at every single time I see this. (aka - This week was the beginning of my summer job and HUP GUESS WHO WAS UNPREPARED YOU GUYS. But the internet is funny so it's ok.)

So guess what everyone-- As of this Saturday, May 21st, Final Arcanum has been running for two years! That's kinda cool, and so I'm hoping to celebrate with you guys! On the 21st at 8PM EST/5PM PST I'll be on livestream for a few hours coloring a new promo-image/wallpaper thing and will most likely devolve into doodling shenanigans at some point. Come join me and hang out for a few hours! I will update twitter and the facebook page when I go live and when it's over too if you want to check for updates.

Hope to see everyone there!

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