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IV. En Passant - 4

Jun 01, 2011
Vale's face in panel 2 is my favorite.

From the Author

Fun fact! In Khema, there are no red bricks! Red Iron Oxide, which is present in the terra cotta clay that most bricks are made out is not present in Khema, so everything is very very yellow.

Also, the clock says 10:35. Zero's dumb face in the way most of the time.

And lastly-- you can vote in topwebcomics to see the srs things I was working on in the livestream awhile back. I planned on making this a print, but now I'm torn, so I'm up for input from you guys! If you are in LOVE say so, if not I will probably start over haha. I've never been a fan of "standy-around-y" group shots. I have no idea why I drew one.

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