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IV. En Passant - 5

Jun 08, 2011
And now you know Vale thinks in crayon drawings.

From the Author

This may be the derpiest page I have and will ever draw. I cannot be certain, but it's possible.

Also, related to you guys who had that amazing SCIENTIFIC DISCUSSION last week, my brain has grown bigger, and I really really enjoy hearing your thoughts! (And I enjoy them even if they aren't scientific too!) Perhaps when I have time to look more into the science of "how can I make my bricks yellow" I will! Unfortunately what happened last week was that I found red iron oxideswas the most common answer to this question and I left it at that.

I do want you guys to know that I am a big believer in the MST3K Mantra, and I find more joy in writing characters and plots rather than figuring out how things specifically work in my world (and this is why you will never see a hard science fiction comic from me haha!) This is by no means to disregard anything or to stop you guys from discussing the nonsense I say in the future! I honestly very much enjoyed learning about the effects of red iron oxides and would love to hear similar things in the future, but I also won't argue with anyone over my creative decisions. I write Final Arcanum because it's enjoyable to me and I would like to share this brainstory with you guys above anything else.

Let me know if you guys want a forum or something, actually. 8|

If you aren't bored of reading yet, you can vote in top webcomics to see that last panel IRONICALLY drawn with my left hand!

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