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Avalon Days I.

Aug 17, 2011
And that is what you call Tree Karma.

From the Author

Thus begins the first page of the mini-chapter drawn by Zimmay! My teeth are going to ROT by the end of this, and so will yours. Afajnfjkasfff her style is perfect for this script. <3

(And for those of you who use the archives via chapters, when completed this will be going under "Guest Artists" instead of in the "Part IV." section. Around the time this mini-chapter is done I will be deleting the filler from July in Part IV, so take a gander while you can!)

Also, some of you may have noticed minor changes to the layout here! Smackjeeves has created a reply feature that I installed to the comments. Unfortunately this still does not mean threaded comments, but you can reply to someone and it will automatically add an @Username at the beginning of your post. I've also cleaned up some minor things like the header size, text layout, and added a donate button for anyone wishing to send their much appreciated support!

And the coolest thing of all is if you Vote in Top Webcomics you can see an updated incentive that has copious amounts of Mael within.

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