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Avalon Days III.

Aug 31, 2011

From the Author

Sorry for the delay last night, everyone! Both Zimmay and I have had a crazy week, but the page has been brought to you nevertheless!

However I am all settled and moved back into school which is awesome, and HOLYGEEZE YOU GUYS. Final Arcanum has reached 500 fans on Smackjeeves?! That's insane! I know I say this almost literally every other week, but I really appreciate everyone coming to this site to listen to this story I have to tell (and the ones from Guest Artists too!) and you are some of the coolest people out there. Thanks to all you guys, and super special thanks for those who leave comments for me aaaah I can't tell you how happy I always am to read them! I still apologize for being an awful replier, but that's mostly due to the fact that you guys say wonderfully nice things, but all I can think to say in return is a sort of "Thank you!" and I feel like after 50 thank you's it begins to sound insincere, and that's not how I feel at all! I really do love everything everyone has to say!

And now that my RAMBLING is over, you can head over to vote at TopWebcomics to see thumbnails from Zimmay! I've shared mine occasionally BUT HERS ARE SO MUCH NICER. And also hilarious.

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