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IV. En Passant - 21

Dec 07, 2011
hmmmmmm I wonder what Iver could be talking about HMMMMMMMMMMM

From the Author

Hey dudes and dudettes! No news from me for this week other than that LOL FINALS ARE COMING UP and it's senior year, so that means there are lots of extra things going on for me! I'm actually happy that, save for September and the derp around Thanksgiving, there hasn't been any hiatuses! My goal is to keep this to a minimum next year (New Year's Resolution!) but unfortunately I'm going to squeeze in another thing next week.

TL;DR is basically that next week FA will be taking a break! However you should still come back to visit since I'm going to make an announcement about a thing I'm doing for the 100th Final Arcanum page! (This week is 99 after all!)

And last but not least, you can always Vote in Top Webcomics to show your support for FA, and see some ballpoint doodles of some redesigns for future character appearances!

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