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IV. En Passant - 29

May 09, 2012
Best part of this page is Acacitli's knees. Shame that word bubble is in the way.

From the Author

FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK, MAN. Final Arcanum is finally back up and running, and I'm super happy to say that! I wanted to give the BIGGEST THANK YOU EVERYONE FOREVER FOR VISITING AND VOTING. I have no idea where everyone came from but the stats spiked while I was gone? YOU GUYS ARE THE COOLEST.

Now I'm officially finished college (and on the job hunt) but other than the occasional con this summer I don't see any more hiccups in updates! Ain't that the coolest. Also speaking of cons – I will be at Otakon this year in the Artist Alley, just as a heads up! I'll be providing more information closer to the event.

With that, though, I bid you all adieu. Enjoy a slightly more colorful, and hopefully improved page! Everything's glowy and/or smokey. Aw yeah.

OH ALSO – you can, like always, vote in top webcomics to see process for this page!

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