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V. The Spark - 1

Aug 08, 2012
Ahhh coloring this was so different this time and it still looks weird. Guess it's just some getting used to??

From the Author

So FA is back once again! Sorry for the delay everyone, especially sorry since I completely failed to update in the past few weeks, gah. But Chapter 5 is now ready to roll and I'm super excited. There's a lot of new things I'm planning before the year is out for FA, including a site redesign and Volume 1 printing! WHEE. So keep a lookout on that!

Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi or buy books at Otakon this year! It's always really really awesome to meet you guys who read the comic. ;u;

Last but not least, be sure to vote in Top Webcomics to see the progress of this week's page! It's a little different from the last few pages I've done, though I suppose not by much. @u@

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