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V. The Spark - 10

Oct 24, 2012
Brought to you by the color BLOOOOOOD.

From the Author

Sorry about the delay last week everyone, I've been behind on work, but FA is back this week!!

And as some of you might have noticed, I will no longer be updating the vote incentive in Top Webcomics! I may or may not go back to doing weekly extras in the future, but if I do I'm fairly certain I'll just link in the comment. Thanks again for all your voting and support in the past though, it means a whole lot to me!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Final Arcanum will be late for the 11/1/12 update due to the power outage in my home as an affect of Hurricane Sandy. (Crossing my fingers that it comes back soon!!) I'm finding off time to get the page done, but be sure to follow FA on twitter, facebook, or tumblr for updates!! Sorry about the delay, I'll get the next page will be up as soon as possible! Thank you!

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