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V. The Spark - 15

Feb 27, 2013
So this might be my first time painting water woops.

From the Author

So Final Arcanum is back up and hopefully should be running fairly smoothly from here on out! A couple major announcements and then I'll OLLIE OUT TO DRAW MORE COMICS

- Because of the hours I work at my job, there may be hiccups in the schedule. I am going to do my absolute best to make sure this doesn't happen, but sometimes I'm surprised with deadlines at work and have to get those done first! BUT there will be no more prolonged hiatuses!

- Final Arcanum will actually be ending this year, 2013. The past few weeks I've been working really hard on the story and script and making sure it's the best story possible, which means we're drawing to the conclusion! WEIRD HUH.

- But never fear, the story will continue as a different comic! I consider Final Arcanum to be a prequel to something even bigger, which I'm really excited to share! That's all I'll be saying for now though. Keep a look out for more information on this in the future though!

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