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VI. Omega - 2

Nov 14, 2013
Zero's no good horrible very bad day pt. 2

From the Author

Hey all! For those who read comments, lets get real for a moment.

So as I'm sure you've noticed, FA has been updating a lot more infrequently than normal, and a lot less than I'd like. I originally wanted to be wrapping up the story this year, but as it stands, there's still 20+ pages left to go but that's not exactly going to happen before November.

The reason for all of this is that I currently work for this really cool startup (when the product goes public I promise to share!) but it also takes up a whole lot of my time. There's a lot of time I spend in production at work as well as learning on the side, which means while FA is really important to me, it's sort of been a lower priority until our company really gets going and the workflow has slowed down some.

My plan is to stick to updating on Thursdays (that time is variable now apparently) but it's going to be hard to be consistent for awhile. (Every time I say things slow down, they pick up again and I'm not going to jinx myself THIS time, I'm DETERMINED)

But because of this, what's the best way to notify you guys of an update? Should I start posting to the facebook page again? Make a separate twitter account? You guys have it on your own because your excellent people?? Whatever it is, let me know! I really enjoy hearing feedback from you all, and I feel so bad that I haven't been able to return pages consistently, so I'd love to help yall however I can!


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