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VI. Omega - 28

Nov 12, 2014
There he is-- Mister Evil Overlord.

From the Author

Just in case you forgot about Iirer...

Two quick things too! You'll notice this section of the site has changed! Here's what's going on --

- Reverie Comics, over on the right, was kind enough to invite us to be part of the group! Make sure you check out the several excellent comics listed for more good reads!

- Also, underneath you'll see a banner for Voting in Top Webcomics. For new readers and those who don't know, TWC is a listing of several comics that's really useful for finding new reads! By supporting and voting every day for Final Arcanum, you push up our rank so more people can find us. If you have time during the day, spare a few seconds to give us another vote! Every week I update the incentive with new artwork, and there'll always be a description under this section on what's new. :'>

That's all I got! Happy Thursday everyone! Look out for crumbling cloud prisons!!

Vote for Final Arcanum in TWC to see sketches of a Deity companion piece featuring Acacitli and Iirer.

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