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II. Castles - 06

Feb 03, 2010
Random Fact! The Habersham brothers obviously like to take late night strolls on deck. How quaint.

From the Author

You know how you can tell there's no flashback anymore? Acacitli's wearing shoes now. Oh ho ho ho ho, so clever Skwinky, so clever. You always manage to find a way to draw feet, don't you?

Also, random announcement but I wanted to tell all you guys that you are awesome beyond a doubt and I don't know what I'd do without you. Last month Final Arcanum placed 267 in Top Webcomics (I was hoping to hit 600 to be perfectly honest) AND this week we hit 150 fans on Smackjeeves. You guys are freaking NUTS and I love you forever.

So to honor how awesome you are the vote incentive this week is a desktop wallpaper for your computer. I dunno. I think it's cute and silly, but then again who am I to judge.

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