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II. Castles - 07

Feb 10, 2010
MAEL sometimes you are a creepy stalker just like Iver. At least you are not a cigarette murderer.

From the Author

Dun dun duuuun, the plot thickens! Here is yet another page where I manage to feature hands and feet more than I probably should, but hopefully you like the Shipyard design! I blame Planet Earth Caves episode (gaaaah my fave) for giving me the idea even if my hand will hate me for it later.

Vote for FA in Top Webcomics to see the thumbnails I've done for the past two pages! I think they're amusing, but then again, it's me. I think I find everything amusing. I also don't know how to stick to them.

- wiggle wiggle - Fun things just for you guys! FA has a FACEBOOK page! There is a link on the homepage here on the site, but if you would like to receive updates about the comic (including pages, other news, silliness) become a fan! I know I am! 8D

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