Final Arcanum, Updates Every Thursday

II. Castles - 16

Apr 21, 2010
Zee plane boss, zee-- zeppelin?

From the Author

Woo, a page with art I'm proud of to compensate for the last! I've failed to get a scene where I get to draw flying school of fish, and now that I do, I maaay or may not be abusing it for as long as I can.

*NOTICE* I am also heading towards finals right now, and there will be an update every week, it's just for the next few weeks I am not sure if I can guarantee a completed strip or not. I'll try, but we'll see what happens.

And as always, don't forget to Vote for Top Webcomics to see the cover of Part I for printing this summer! It's ~*~limited edition~*~ oooh ahhh.

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