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II. Castles - 20

May 26, 2010
Favorite part of this strip? Zero's "DDD:" face. Trufax.

From the Author

Hoof. 40 pages so far guys. Thanks for sticking around, it means so much! I've been working on the pacing of the story some more and plan on changing some future scripts around, so hopefully the pacing will even out and you can enjoy the story more! I mean hey, who doesn't like more sound effects? CRRREEEEE

*Don't forget!* I will be at HeroesCon next weekend with some FA merch! If you are there, stop by the table in Artist Alley! :")

And as always vote in Top Webcomics to see probably the worst incentive ever. Creative juices are running low, so enjoy three drawings of Acacitli, one left-handed (as I am right), one with eyes closed, and one Gaga-ized.

Yeah, new word. Gagaized. Oooh yeah. I came up with that on the fly too.

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