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II. Castles - 26

Jul 07, 2010
For the record, it has taken me 46 pages to actually use the color pink in this comic. (And page 7 doesn't count since that's a background color. So there.)

From the Author

You guys have no idea how long I've been waiting to draw Mirna, which also means the main cast is finally completed. Hurray us! (Me for drawing it and you guys for sticking around so long. ;u; <3)

B'aaaw Citli. You're so cute and awkward around pretty girls.

Remember to Vote for Top Webcomics to see the thumbnails from this page. Half because I'm on vacation and don't have the time, and half because they're reallyreallyreally cute.

(Hi it took me forever to figure out how to put the latest strip on the homepage. Tada fixed? 8D;;)

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