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II. Castles - 29

Aug 04, 2010
THIS PAGE NEEDS MORE HUGS IN IT. 8[ I have failed you, faithful readers.

From the Author

Aaaahhh it feels good to update again, despite the fact that I only missed a week. Otakon was pretty much FANTASTIC last weekend and thanks to everyone who stopped by the table to buy comics or even just to chat with Shazz and I! Especially thanks to Vincent and the wicked Sho Minamimoto cosplayer (I never caught your name!) who visited a couple of times. :"D <3

ANYWAY I'll link to my deviantart when I have a full con report. ONWARD TO STORY. And onward to vote in Top Webcomics! Check to see two commissions I did, and Minamimoto epically supporting Final Arcanum. (DOES MY NERDOM SHOW?)

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