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II. Castles - 31

Aug 18, 2010
Scene change - check! Falk's Jacket Change - weeeee're gettin' to it.

From the Author

Can you guys tell I enjoy coloring and drawing interiors more? Very little to comment about this week's strip! HUP.

*NEWS UPDATE* So as of tonight my tablet is officially dead. I'm going to see what repairs I can do on it or if I have to buy a new one. If I do have to buy a new one, it might take some time to set aside money since semester is starting next week. (Gotta love tech's timing!)

I do have next week's strip done and you can definitely expect an update, but after that, I'm not so sure what the status on strips will be.

I will keep everyone posted! Sorry about this inconvenience. I'm hoping FA doesn't slow down because of this. Chapter's almost done too! ;_;

Also please vote in Top Webcomics to see silly things I found on the internet instead. xD <3 (That is so awkward to tag on the end of a comment like that. Ahahaha)

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