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II. Castles - 32

Aug 25, 2010
Cue dramatic music here.

From the Author

Despite having done this page awhile ago, I'm grossly happy with it. Mmmmm misc lighting sources, ilu.

Also Vote for FA in Top Webcomics to see why obtaining a Shiny Flygon is my ultimate Pokemon life goal.

*Tablet Update!* I shipped my tablet to WACOM on Friday and they received it today. My fingers are crossed that they'll stick to what they said and finish the repairs and ship it back out tomorrow!

HOWEVER I don't know when my tablet will be in, so I have the absolutely coolest roommate ever who is going to let me borrow hers until mine comes in. (I will see her Sunday!) I am going to get her a fabulous thing in return.

That leaves one question for you guys - would you guys rather see a half-finished strip (as I won't be able to finish the strip by next Thursday due to move-in at school unless the tablet comes in super early) or lots of doodles of world-creation things I've done this past week? There's a map and everything! Let me know what you think. :")

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