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II. Castles - 35

Sep 22, 2010
Together now... dun dun duun!

From the Author

YEEEAAAH, part 2 is doooone! I am so excited to be drawing the next part of the story you guys. I think you'll enjoy it. I DO. /biased

Also, vote in Top Webcomics for a preview of the first page of chapter 3!

And now a bit of news!

  • The ending of this chapter is perfectly timed, as I just have received an overhaul of schoolwork. (Somehow all my work is in the beginning of the semester. Weird.) So for two weeks Final Arcanum is kiiinda going on hiatus. There won't be the usual strips, but instead I'm asking you, THE VIEWER, to help participate! I recently created a Formspring where you guys can anonymously ask either myself as the artist/writer or any of the FA characters as many questions as you'd like! I'll take the best ones and will answer them in comic form for those two weeks. So ask away ladies and gents, I need writing material!
  • I also hold an annual art-related Secret Santa over on deviantArt, and it just opened this week! Participation sign ups and other information can be found here, so click to join!

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